We create mobile games and develop technological solutions


We set a high bar for quality of our games & solutions. Same goes for our partners.

We will become a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world. The Age of Game Dev is upon us

Game dev

We create new games. We have a network of partners and friends around the world.

Soft launching two titles soon (see below)!

Technological solutions

We leverage innovation to create new solutions. We are the fast and the furious of our industry

We bring people joy

We are young, future-proof, and we love everything we do

We say ‘no’ to becoming a leader and ‘yes’ to making games and getting things done

We do not strive to dominate: we simply create and share our experience. We don't argue; we improve

We think globally

Our imagination knows no borders between countries or galaxies. We can do anything

Infusion Games is a bright and self-assured mobile game studio, based in Tallinn. We are the gamers who make games all around the globe

Our Games

Cyber Wars

All the things you love about cyberpunk, shooters and cars. Flying cars.

PvP multiplayer and unlimited kick-ass action, set in a beautiful futuristic dystopia. Graphics are hi-end and the meta is marvelous.

Dive into the battle, hand on a wheel of a flying legend.

Arena Heroes

Exciting PVP arena battles in our 2D cartoon turn-based collection RPG-battler with deep meta. You are gonna love the artwork, the humor, all the equipment, artifacts, abilities, fractions…

Gather a team and get the top ranks!


We provide the best opportunities for remote work, and remain focused on health and safety.

We now have room for talented professionals, who don't want to get bored.

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